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Photo 101 DAY 20

Photo 101,  theme Triumph and contrast

You cant stop us, the nature

You cant stop us, the nature

This picture tells me something like: you can’t stop us, the nature, we will survive you on earth.

It’s my contricution to this the final day of this course Photo 101, mars 2015. The time has passed very fast and I’m very satisfied with the content and what I’ve learned. Thanks to all!



  1. I am thankful that nature is so persistent and keeps growing. I read that grass is the hardiest plants on earth, they keep growing everywhere. I wish you a good weekend!

    • Thank you! Yes, here I thik everything grows. But as I understand it we are overutiluzing the natural resourses on the earth. We must find a solution for that.
      You have a swedish blogg too. Can you give me your adress? I also wonder how you manage two or more bloggs. You have an installation on WP for each of them. You wright different text or you use a translator?
      Hans Norelius

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